May I Softly Walk by C Quimba & J Hall (Poetry Crush, 2014)




The Devotional Poems (Black Ocean Press, 2013)


Cover adapted from Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz’ Awake, Sleeper.

“This is a book with a basic religion, which shifts and turns its shade upon looking, drawing its colors from The Book of Revelation as much as from the kinder spirit books. It is a sacred text where Hall becomes the ‘singing corpse,’ not ‘dragged across this landscape,’ but instead the singing thing dancing across the hills and valley.”
—Dorothea Lasky

Post Nativity (Publishing Genius, 2012) – A chapbook

“It struck me as a cavalcade at the time, a declarative poem along the lines of Ginsberg’s Howl. It has a bit of the sacred, a little of the consumer wasteland, a touch of terrorism. Stunned, it marvels.” –Adam Robinson

The Container Store (Vols I & II) by Joe Hall and Chad Hardy (Spring Gun Press, 2012)

Pigafetta Is My Wife (Black Ocean, 2010)

Soon To More Than Digital

Catalog Copy: Pigafetta Is My Wife enters the crisis that is the love between the colonizer and the colonized. These poems fragment the journals of Antonio Pigafetta, a 16th Century traveler who recorded Magellan’s hellish circumnavigation of the globe, while tracking a present-day speaker and his beloved as they are distanced and reunited across the map. Along the way we visit historical moments including a botched circumcision as performance art, the Rape of Nanking, and 17th century missionaries in the Philippines. Through this intertwining of narratives the book reveals how the past and present are visceral beasts caught in a cycle of passion and destruction. Like an epic murder ballad, Hall moves from collage to epistle, suffering to ecstasy, while pinpointing what is at stake in the pursuit of love and the dismantling of the self.

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